Heinrich von Kleist

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Noun1.Heinrich von Kleist - German dramatist whose works concern people torn between reason and emotion (1777-1811)
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ISLAMABAD -- The Puppet Theatre run by Lahore Arts Council at Alhamra will resume after three months from tomorrow (Sunday).
Theatro Ena in Nicosia will see the premier of the puppet theatre show Jack and the Beanstalk today at 3pm.
What's unique about the monthly performance is that the audience comprises mainly older people who dress formally to attend and watch the younger generation at work, says Sawy, who takes pride in the success the Puppet Theatre has achieved in giving theater-goers a real feel of Om Kolthoum's glory.
Both the story and the puppet theatre piece are called The Memory Keeper.
"The puppet theatre was recognised by Actors Equity as the 'spearhead puppet theatre company' in the UK, with an international reputation.