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(ˌsɛr ənˈgɛt i)

a plain in NW Tanzania, including a major wildlife reserve (Serenget′i Na′tional Park′).
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Noun1.Serengeti - a vast plain in Tanzania to the west of the Great Rift Valley known for its wildlife
Tanzania, United Republic of Tanzania - a republic in eastern Africa
Serengeti National Park - a national park in Tanzania created in 1951 to protect the wildlife
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The Elewana Collection comprises: Arusha Coffee Lodge, cradled in the endless acres of one of Tanzania's largest coffee plantations; Tarangire Treetops, with its unique tree house style rooms built on wooden decks around the trunks of enormous Baobab and Marula trees; Serengeti Migration Camp and Serengeti Pioneer Camp located in the Serengeti National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the continent's largest ecosystems; and The Manor at Ngorongoro, located adjacent to the world famous Ngorongoro Conservation Area.
A PRIDE of lionesses relax under the Serengeti sun, while a frog hitches a ride on a stag beetle in Costa Rica.
The Serengeti is one of the very few reserves left on Earth that protects and contains such a complete ecosystem.
The Serengeti ecosystem, which sprawls across the vast plains of Tanzania and Kenya, provides a thrilling view of Africa's teeming wildlife.
Anup Shah's dramatic, ant's-eye image of the charging herd was shot using a remote camera system set up at a watering hole in the Serengeti area of Tanzania.
There is probably no place on Earth that has been more misreported than the Serengeti. Colonialists projected a fantasy image of it, while today the Serengeti attracts great emotional sentiment.
In the Serengeti Plain in Tanzania, a distinct strain of rabies appears to be maintained independently in spotted hyenas, without causing them any clinical disease, and with no evidence of spillover infection or disease occurring in any other species (within the limits of current knowledge) (25).
Land Rover is introducing two new models powered by the 1.8 litre petrol engine - the Serengeti and the Kalahari.
The Serengeti special edition features automatic temperature control with air conditioning, sixspeaker audio system with remote steering wheel controls and 18-inch Pro-Spor t alloy wheels.
It is the sense of endless space that helps impart a magical aura to the Serengeti. It takes you back to a time when we were an integral part of this landscape rather than a threat to the very future of our planet's wild places.
'They were very conservative and did not want to over-commercialise the Serengeti,' Pascoe said.
Experiments in the Serengeti ecosystem indicate that grazing increases aboveground net productivity over both brief periods (McNaughton 1979a, b) and full growing seasons (McNaughton 1985), and a variety of mechanisms have been identified that can contribute to such compensatory growth (McNaughton 1983a, b).