The Society of Jesus

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The Roman Catholic order whose members are called Jesuits. See Jesuit.

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The prince was surprised that so simple an idea had not occurred to him, and he applied for advice to the holy brethren of the Society of Jesus, with whom he was on intimate terms.
Oliva, general ad interim of the Society of Jesus, my provisional successor.
Roman Catholics will celebrate tomorrow, July 31, the Feast of Saint Ignatius (San Ignacio) of Loyola, the revered founder and first superior general of the Society of Jesus (SJ), one of the largest religious orders in the world.
Historians examine the little-known office of Visitor by which leaders in the Society of Jesus assess the activity and vitality of particular missions.
The decision was made by the board of directors and the Maryland province of the Society of Jesus and announced in early April.
Museo de Intramuros is located in two important reconstructions inside the walled city: the San Ignacio Church and the Mission House of the Society of Jesus.
The Society of Jesus, part of the Catholic Church whose members are known as Jesuits, originated in 16thcentury Spain.
During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, missionaries of the Society of Jesus shared their faith with the Indigenous populations of the Great Lakes region.
Bernini and His Age is the most significant book available in any language on the Church of the Gesu in Rome--the mother church of the Society of Jesus. It is a permanent record of the landmark exhibition, mounted at the Fairfield University Art Museum (1 February & 19 May 2018), that featured artistic treasures, never before seen in the U.S., with artifacts ranging from the Gesu: Bernini's bust of St.
Biernatzki responded to a request from Father Pedro Arrupe, S.J., the then Superior General of the Jesuits, to join in thinking about how the Society of Jesus could better serve the Church in the area of communication.
Arrupe took the teachings of the Vatican II very seriously and allowed that newness to permeate the Society of Jesus. He presided over GC32, provided the inspiration and motivation for the Jesuits to take a very clear stand for the service of faith and the promotion of justice.
The controversial Loyola Hall in Rainhill was closed as a Jesuit retreat in 2014 by owners The Society of Jesus and it had since been used as a hostel.