The Wandering Jew

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an imaginary personage, who, for his cruelty to Christ during his passion, is doomed to wander on the earth till Christ's second coming.

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And so we came at last to another wonder, of deep and abiding interest-- the veritable house where the unhappy wretch once lived who has been celebrated in song and story for more than eighteen hundred years as the Wandering Jew. On the memorable day of the Crucifixion he stood in this old doorway with his arms akimbo, looking out upon the struggling mob that was approaching, and when the weary Saviour would have sat down and rested him a moment, pushed him rudely away and said, "Move on!" The Lord said, "Move on, thou, likewise," and the command has never been revoked from that day to this.
When the guide pointed out where the Wandering Jew had left his familiar mark upon a wall, I was filled with astonishment.
All I have revealed about the Wandering Jew can be amply proven by reference to our guide.
On one wall the subjects were described as "Illustrations of the Passions;" on the other, as "Episodes in the Life of the Wandering Jew." Chance speculators like myself were gravely warned, by means of the inscription, to view the pictures as efforts of pure imagination.
Feeling no great desire, after these specimens, to look at any more of the illustrated Passions, I turned to the opposite wall to be instructed in the career of the Wandering Jew. Here a second inscription informed me that the painter considered the Flying Dutchman to be no other than the Wandering Jew, pursuing his interminable Journey by sea.
He never even seemed to come to his work on purpose, but would slouch in as if by mere accident; and when he went to the Jolly Bargemen to eat his dinner, or went away at night, he would slouch out, like Cain or the Wandering Jew, as if he had no idea where he was going and no intention of ever coming back.
Duterte was referring to the Wandering Jew, a legendary character who was doomed to walk on earth until the end of the world because he taunted Jesus.
Although Nathans's use of sources is impressive throughout the book, she is especially creative in her examination of The Wandering Jew, as both a play and trope.
So much so that the Wandering Jew hit the road again.
THE LEGEND OF THE WANDERING JEW tells of a man who insulted Jesus during the Passion, refusing him rest, and mockingly urging him to hurry to his death.
No doubt the Wandering Jew, Nightly he steals my pocketbook.'