Fountain of Youth

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Foun′tain of Youth′

a fabled spring whose waters were supposed to restore health and youth, sought in the Bahamas and Florida by Ponce de León and others.
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Noun1.Fountain of Youth - a fountain described in folk tales as able to make people young again; "Ponce de Leon discovered Florida while searching for the Fountain of Youth"
natural spring, outpouring, fountain, spring, outflow - a natural flow of ground water
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nuoruuden lähde
ungdomens källa
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It has everything -- love, sacrifice, struggle, genius, heartbreak and the water of life."
FACT OF THE WEEK: It is time to raise a glass and learn more about the water of life
"To all who are thirsty," Jesus says, "I will give freely from the springs of the water of life" (Revelation 21:6).
One of the best things about the water of life is that no whisky tastes the same.
"Press and media were shocked at the astonishing pass away of a person who is still in the core of the stage of giving, a person who had not known comfort for half a century, one who smelled the ink as if it were the water of life. To him, flags will raise at half mast.
For example, in Northern Uganda, the Water of Life programme provided clean drinking water to 500 households in the Apac district, funded by a partnership between Ugandan Breweries Ltd and the Lifeline Fund--a US-based NGO delivering clean, safe water including training in hygiene and sanitation management--in addition to the creation of Village Health Committees.