The White House

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the official residence of the President of the United States; - hence, colloquially, the office of President.
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I am to leave Mansfield Park, and go to the White House, I suppose, as soon as she is removed there.
Why, indeed, Fanny, I should hope to be remembered at such a distance as the White House.
To prevent its being expected, she had fixed on the smallest habitation which could rank as genteel among the buildings of Mansfield parish, the White House being only just large enough to receive herself and her servants, and allow a spare room for a friend, of which she made a very particular point.
At the White House, matters must be better looked after.
Norris took possession of the White House, the Grants arrived at the Parsonage, and these events over, everything at Mansfield went on for some time as usual.
It was a terrible moment for me, because I knew that in his opinion I had chosen a path in life, which if it did not lead to the Poor House was at least no way to the White House.
the white house was empty, and there was a bill in the window.
Under their regime, there was one lonely idle telephone in the White House, used by the servants several times a week.
Instead of the solitary telephone of Cleveland-Harrison days, the White House has now a branch exchange of its own--Main 6-- with a sheaf of wires that branch out into every room as well as to the nearest central.
At the earliest dawn the door of the white house opened, and Van Baerle made his appearance, approaching the flower-beds with the smile of a man who has passed the night comfortably in his bed, and has had happy dreams.
But Josh Bolten, the White House chief of staff who worked for Goldman Sachs before joining the Bush presidential campaign in 1999, kept after Paulson--and changed his mind.