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The part of an oval racecourse farthest from the spectators and opposite the homestretch.


1. (Horse Racing) a horse-racing term for back straight
2. (Athletics (Track & Field)) a horse-racing term for back straight



the straight part of a racetrack opposite the part leading to the finish line.
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It was windy on the backstretch, but it's always windy on the backstretch in Eugene.
Stable Views: Life in the Backstretch of the Thoroughbred Racetrack" was at Flushing Town Hall, Queens, NY, through June 2015.
Winner of the last two Breeders' Cup Ladies' Classics, the five-year-old daughter of Empire Maker took the lead on the backstretch under Mike Smith and drew away for an easy victory at odds of 2-5.
Instead of spending the hour on the sanctioned route, she changed course and happened upon the backstretch.
Ridden by Gerry Olguin, Lethal Heat was fifth on the backstretch and second coming into the homestretch, passing early leader Peisinoe and holding off a rally from P.
This was likely the cause of a major outbreak of the intestinal disease shigellosis on the backstretch in 1994.
Brack and Scheckter touched wheels on the backstretch on lap 189.
Automotive advertising started the year with a roar, then faded down the backstretch of the first quarter when the war started.
A similarly-located "motorhome terrace," a premium recreational vehicle parking area, is located on top of the bowl, above the backstretch of the racetrack.
The car rocketed sideways across a grassy area before slamming head-on into the inside retaining wall on the backstretch.
The balance of the car was real good and so were the tyres but near the end we ran conservative on the fuel to the point where we ran out on the backstretch.
The track's inaugural Quarter Horse meet concluded Sunday, and the backstretch will not open for the Thoroughbred meet until Oct.