The brakes don't work

The brakes don't work   
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It's not that the brakes don't work, but why would you want your supercar not to perform at peak?
Thrown into a corner at an unsafe speed (because the brakes don't work), the tiny, skinny tyres provide surprisingly good grip, and the body roll is kept to a minimum.
He added: "Since most of the year in the UAE is dry, when it rains the roads tend to get dangerously slippery as residues of fuel, tyre dust and petrochemical waste mix with water on the surface and the surface becomes a perfect ski-pad, and when there is abrupt braking the tyres skid or the brakes don't work, causing accidents."
I have an open bin store area to the front of the house and duly stored the items in there - so as not to obstruct the path and as the bike is an old one and the brakes don't work I didn't want it taken by a child who might put themselves at risk.
"The bikes are wrecks, the brakes don't work and they are certainly not roadworthy," she said.
"It still runs, but the brakes don't work well," he said.
Marcus came in saying 'the brakes don't work and the clutch doesn't work'.
If the brakes don't work at all during my initial test, I have a few options like taking off again with runway remaining to reduce my gross weight even further and accomplish a few checklist items (i.e., stall for time until coming up with a game plan).