The car won't start

The car won't start   
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But then the car won't start, their cellphones are dead and it appears to be more than a blackout.
Breaking down anytime of the year is a nightmare but when you're heading to see the in-laws or friends for Christmas Day and the car won't start there's nothing worse.
If the phone doesn't sync to the device, the car won't start, ensuring the driver can't bypass the app.
If the car won't start the next time you use it, the battery isn't holding a charge and needs to be replaced.
But if the car won't start right up, don't grind away to the point that you end up with dead batteries in both cars!
Ignore the tank empty warning too long and the car won't start, such is Peugeot's desire to keep things clean.
A driver must blow into the device before turning the key, and the car won't start if alcohol is detected.
I find that hard to believe, because the car won't start if the gear lever is not in park.
"The car won't start," I near blubbed, "and it's upset me so much that I've started drinking again."
A certain amount of stress is a normal part of dealing with everyday life events; the sink gets clogged, the car won't start, the dog chewed on your favorite shoe.
On Monday morning he could find the car: either, a) runs fine and he saves pounds 200 (less the cost of parts and the personal cost to him of a weekend with his family); or b) the car won't start and he has to pay pounds 300 for it to be fixed and have the inconvenience of walking to work for the next week.
In short if you're put off because the car won't start, should you really be embarking on a journey in the first place?

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