The car won't start

The car won't start   
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Ignore the tank empty warning too long and the car won't start, such is Peugeot's desire to keep things clean.
A driver must blow into the device before turning the key, and the car won't start if alcohol is detected.
I find that hard to believe, because the car won't start if the gear lever is not in park.
On Monday morning he could find the car: either, a) runs fine and he saves pounds 200 (less the cost of parts and the personal cost to him of a weekend with his family); or b) the car won't start and he has to pay pounds 300 for it to be fixed and have the inconvenience of walking to work for the next week.
In short if you're put off because the car won't start, should you really be embarking on a journey in the first place?
If the ignition interlock detects alcohol above the established level, the device won't send power to the starter system, and the car won't start.
The car won't start and the rain won't stop, there's a ticket on the window from a traffic cop, I look at the table, and guess who's top?
If the key loses its coding, the car won't start and the engine management light may come up.
Times when the car won't start or when I am pushed for time and wish there was someone else to walk the dogs," she says.
If you try to put a house key in the ignition, the car won't start.
Whether it's carpool day and you're responsible for delivering the children to school on time, or your child calls from college saying the car won't start, a certain sinking feeling accompanies a dead battery.
Like porridge, they can be a bit heavy going, but they always stand you in good stead on winter mornings when the car won't start.

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