The curse of Scotland

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(Card Playing) the nine of diamonds.

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Which playing card is known as the Curse of Scotland? 3.
QWHY is the nine of diamonds known as the curse of Scotland? John Lofthouse Tadcaster, N Yorks ATHE curse of Scotland is said to have come from the legend that nine diamonds were once stolen from the Crown of Scotland and a tax was levied on the Scottish people to pay for them.
IT doesn't take a genius to fathom out that alcohol has been the curse of Scotland.
The abracadabra was worn nine days and then flung into a river, in order to see the fairies, one is directed to put nine grains of wheat on a four - leaved clover; nine knots are made in black wool as a charm for a sprained ankle; if a servant finds nine green peas in a peasecod, she lays it on the lintel of the kitchen door, and the first man that enters in is to be her cavalier; to see nine magpies is most unlucky; a cat has nine lives; and the nine of diamonds is known as the Curse of Scotland.