The dark day

a day (May 19, 1780) when a remarkable and unexplained darkness extended over all New England.

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References in classic literature ?
A terrible sheet of lightning burst before their eyes, illuminating the dark day, and the thunder rolled wildly about them.
When he was cold in the dark days of rain, or thirsty in a prolonged drouth, his discomfort engendered first of all thoughts of Meriem's welfare--after she had been made warm, after her thirst had been slaked, then he turned to the affair of ministering to his own wants.
Doubts thronged on her of the dark days to come; dread beset her of the hidden danger which her own silence toward Norah and Magdalen might store up in the near future.
Artistic, unusual drawings of this sullen man perfectly capture his dark mood and the dark day, until a little boy changes his perspective in an unexpected way.
John, who gets back to Middlesbrough every year, decided to commemorate the epic storm of 1968 with a special beer, so a Foreign Extra Stout named The Dark Day was created.
In his thoughtful book, "The Great Awakening," Thomas Kidd found that the Dark Day caused a stir in evangelical circles across New England and led many to believe that the Apocalypse had begun.
IT WAS a day that has gone down in Teesside folklore, indeed it has taken on legendary status, a day that would forever be remembered as The Dark Day.
Readers who enjoy historical-paranormal genre mash ups will want to read the next book in the series to discover what possible role Lord Byron, Queen Charlotte, and Napoleon Bonaparte play in the Dark Days Club.
This DDO consists commitment during the dark days of the year of surveillance staff and bikers.
It was such a morale boost in the dark days to have not only the pristine white starry flowers but also their delicious scent.
50 Price includes: Return coach travel from Birkenhead, Liverpool & Southport 2 nights' half board stay at the Elgin Hotel 'Bubbly' reception before dinner on Friday Nightly comedy cabaret entertainment Traditional Sunday lunch before departure Get away to Blackpool for a weekend of fun and laughter during the dark days of winter.
MP Albert Owen said: "We are now on the cusp of the island heading to the dark days of the 1980s when unemployment was up to 3,500 and we had an exodus of people from the island, especially young people with families.