The day before yesterday

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The day before yesterday   
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I did exactly what you have done the day before yesterday.' Such was the beginning of my friendship with Lady Doris Janeaway.
"Aramis," said Athos, "you went to breakfast the day before yesterday at the inn of the Parpaillot, I believe?"
The day before yesterday was a fish day, and they had nothing but meat."
The doctor was sent for, and kept the inflammation down until the day before yesterday, when it broke out again, under circumstances which I am sure you will be sorry to hear, as I am truly sorry to write of them.
Yesterday and the day before yesterday and all this time I have been worrying myself.
Never mind, I said the day before yesterday that I would go and see him the day /after/; well, and so I will!
You know, Uncle promised me only the day before yesterday not to forget Boris.
"Yes," she mused, "there was something unnatural about Anna Pavlovna, and utterly unlike her good nature, when she said angrily the day before yesterday: 'There, he will keep waiting for you; he wouldn't drink his coffee without you, though he's grown so dreadfully weak.' "
"I hope you perceive what a striking likeness you drew the day before yesterday," said Lucy, with a pretty laugh of triumph.
When she was gone to put on her bonnet, Lucy lingered to give an order to the servant, and took the opportunity of telling Stephen that Maggie had no objection to seeing Philip, so that it was a pity she had sent that note the day before yesterday. But she would write another to-morrow and invite him.
The day before yesterday, in Turbat at night it rained due to which power went off for almost 13 hours.
'The day before yesterday, I, along with family, was travelling from Multan to Islamabad through PK-682.