The door won't open

The door won't open   
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Please use the evening entrance on Granby Street - ring the bell if the door won't open.
The door won't open, there are no windows, thick darkness must reign inside.
"We knew that people in the north used the word 'cau' to mean 'won't', saying the equivalent of 'the door refuses to open' for 'the door won't open'," said Dr Willis.
If you press the garage door opener button and hear either a humming or a grinding sound, but the door won't open, you may think you need a new opener.
There is no point trying to wedge a three-seater sofa into a room if it means the door won't open fully or there is no room for a small table or cabinet.
Ian Yates, from South Kesteven Council in Lincs, said: "People are afraid the door won't open and they will get trapped.