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all of a class who exhibit and cultivate any peculiar taste or fancy; hence, especially, sporting characters taken collectively, or any specific class of them, as jockeys, gamblers, prize fighters, etc.

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Caught floating in the air, the fancy dancer in this photo appears to be flying.
46) Realizing that the task of communicating such a sensational picture requires extraordinary artistic powers, Baldwin calls on fancy to paint the scene: "As it would be difficult, if not impossible by mere Description, to convey an adequate Idea of the different SENSATIONS experienced while in the Car; (for Pleasure is itself unspeakable;) yet the Fancy may possibly, without Censure, be a Moment indulged, in its Allusions to such familiar Subjects as approach nearest to THEM: SO as not to leave the public Mind wholly in the Dark .
To arrange a private appointment to view the Fancy Pink diamond ring and/or the Fancy Blue diamond ring, please visit raimanrocks.
After all children wear the fancy dress clothes, they do not play with them.
Ellie Goulding is in the fancy dress line of fire this week, after she was told off and abused on social media for dressing up as what we used to call a Red Indian squaw.
said : "Combining our expertise in the fancy color diamond market and ecommerce with Kela s large customer base and expertise in the region will create a bounty of opportunities for the average consumer in Asia to finally have access to high-end natural fancy colors, said Polnauer.
Arvind Ltd - denim producer from India explains how the USTER(r) TESTER 5 with the Fancy Yarn Profile tool has helped to develop today's market for designer jeans.
Judging the fancy dress competition this year will be Touch FM DJ Brody Swain, the Lord Mayor of Coventry and Peter Broughton, president of the Coventry Leofric Lions.
Place the FANCY FLOWERS inside one of the envelopes.
Starting at the end of January, the fancy dress company has recorded a steep increase in the orders of risque and sexy fancy dress costumes.
You need to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each: Benefits of fancy dress hire: Fancy dress costume hire has the advantage in that you can return the costume after the party, but this can also turn out to be a bad thing because not only do you have to pay for the hire of the costume, but you also have to then have the hassle (and the cost) of going back to the fancy dress shop to return the costume.
In contrast to Jingle Dress, the Fancy Shawl dance topples the notion of quiet feet with an explosion of fancy (hence the name) footwork and robust regalia.