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n.1.(Med.) The theory founded on the influence which the humors were supposed to have in the production of disease; Galenism.
2.The manner or disposition of a humorist; humorousness.
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A good example of this is the theory of the four humours.
e activities will include a museum trail linked to the four humours.
Give students time to do historical research into the four humours and their depiction in art.
1), Durer's engraving offers the reader the perfect springboard from which to dive into Dixons in-depth analysis of melancholia, one of the four humours.
The answer to all may be 'yes', for Silberman's catalogue essay says that her red, yellow, black and white are associated with the four humours of the body in Hippocratic medicine.
The four humours are blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile.
No matter how hard we try, we cannot understand how any intelligent person could believe in the four humours, or expect to cure fever with venesection, or fail to see that cholera is caused by something in the water.
At the time, medicine was based on the ancient Greek idea that health was a reflection of the balance between the four humours, namely black bile, yellow bile, phlegm and blood.
The Four Humours, the latest collaboration between Barnett and Wolken--they are the only artistic directors who continue to work together--was included in the same evening as their 2000 work Davenen, set to music by Frank London as played by the Klezmatics.
The coverage takes in almost fifty private presses from many parts of Canada -- for example, the Barbarian Press from Mission, British Columbia, the Castle Paper and Press from Calgary, Editions du Silence from Montreal, The Four Humours Press from Winnipeg, and so on.
Basically, doctors or theologians concerned with disease believed that any illness could be imputed to one of two causes: either unsound functioning of the four humours in the body (blood, phlegm, choler, and black bile), or demonic possession.