The fourth estate

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a name often given to the public press.

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The consolidation, known as the Fourth Estate Network Optimization (4NEO) effort, was directed by the DoD chief information officer and acting chief management officer in late 2018.
She underlined the constructive role of the fourth estate in raising key social issues, outlining solutions and contributing to community development, stressing the influential impact of the press.
Tunde Bakare, urged the media as the fourth estate of the realm to ensure that democracy was well preserved.
The King hailed BJA elections which reflect the pioneering and responsible role of the Fourth Estate as well as its confidence in Bahraini women and their achievements.
Called 'The Fourth Estate', it shows a huge scale visual landscape of the UK news media and is expected to be on display in Williamson Square for at least two weeks.
Casten, I do support the role of the Fourth Estate. This is not fake news.
They are also known as the Fourth Estate of a country.
Renato "Boy" Duran, president of NPC, said while no one was hurt the organization believes that the act is despicable and an affront to members of the Fourth Estate.
'To all our Fourth Estate, the Fourth Estate we are not your enemy.
Instead, she felt PH's victory has helped free the press from the grip of the old regime and she is confident that this would push local journalists to take up the mantle as the fourth estate that will hold any corrupt leaders accountable.