The great powers

in modern diplomacy, Great Britain, France, Germany, Austria, Russia, and Italy.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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But that simplicity of hers, holding up an ideal for others in her believing conception of them, was one of the great powers of her womanhood.
And yet there is nothing strained, no peering through telescopes to find new worlds or magnify the old; the eyes need only be lifted for a moment, and the great power is not the power of sight, but sympathy.
A remarkable instance of the great power of mere individuality over the young.
This I say, Sancho, that thou attribute not the favour thou hast received to thine own merits, but give thanks to heaven that disposes matters beneficently, and secondly thanks to the great power the profession of knight-errantry contains in itself.
"And if not able to please himself in the arrangement, he has at least pleasure in the great power of choice.
Although they were not parties to the arbitration won by the Philippines, the great powers of the world now freely enjoy and enforce the first part of the award.
Scandinavia and the Great Powers in the First World War
During this era, because of the risks involved in a direct confrontation between the Cold War rivals, including that of a potential nuclear exchange, the great powers did not resort to direct military interventions in their ongoing game of international chess (with very few exceptions such as the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan).
As a consequence of European and Japanese colonialism, most Southeast Asian states have historically been suspicious of external interference and domination by the Great Powers. A regional preference for autonomy from Great Power politics was endorsed in the early years of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) through the formulation of a declaratory principle for regional order.
Moreover, worldwide interest in maritime power had stimulated ship production among all the great powers. Whereas in 1893 British battleships nearly equaled in number the combined total of all the other great powers' battleships, in 1897 its advantage had disappeared; it now possessed approximately two-thirds of the total of the other great powers' battleships.
President Kim is buying time for pocketing more nukes, sowing differences among the US and its Pacific allies, trying to get relief from crippling sanctions, enhancing its economic relations and trying to isolate the great power. For centuries the great powers have been dreaming about a unique strategic course of action that would help shape a turbulent and chaotic regional order.
A positive element is that the trend to approach the international courts in maritime-related disputes continued to grow among states, other than the great powers. But there is a fear as well that if the trend of disregarding the ruling of international institutions at the hand of great power continues; other states will also lose their trust on them.