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But see how closely, so far, each detail tallies with the world-old story of the hegira of the yellow race.
"`Given at Constantinople, by authority of his highness, in the year 1247 of the Hegira.
(TAP) - The Mufti of the Republic, Sheikh Othman Battikh, announced in a television address on Monday evening that Eid El Fitr, corresponding to Chaoual 1st, 1440 of the Hegira, will be celebrated on Wednesday June 5, 2019.
HM King Hassan II passed away on 09 of Rabie II, 1436 of the Hegira year, corresponding to July 23, 1999.
A statement issued by the Endowment's High Commission said that it has been legitimately proven that Thursday is the First Day of the month of Shawal 1434 of the hegira, making it the First Day of Fitr Eid.
The statement called on anyone who spots the moon Saturday evening, which falls on Shaaban 29 of the Hegira calendar, to go to Dar al-Fatwa headquarters and inform the religious scholars who will be meeting under the Mufti of the Republic Sheikh Mohammad Rashid Qabbani.
The arbaeen pilgrimage is a religious occasion marking the 40th day after the death of Imam al-Hussein, the Prophet Muhammad's grandson and the third holiest figure for Shiite Muslims, in the battle of Taf in Karbala in the Hegira year 61 (680 on the Gregorian calendar).
Summary: King Mohammed VI launched on Tuesday in the town of TE[umlaut]mara (15km south of Rabat), the tenth edition of the operation of distributing foodstuffs on needy families for the month of holy Ramadan 1429 of the Hegira.
Oswald was also an ideal person to lead the hegira up to Lincoln Center in 1965.
The objective of this article is to evaluate the way in which Islam approaches the violent expulsions related to the Girardian mimetic theory, supported by key Islamic verses that refer to the Hegira, expulsions, aggression, and violence in general, applying some of the basic categories of mimetic theory.