The historic sense

the capacity to conceive and represent the unity and significance of a past era or age.

See also: historic

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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This is not a strike in the historic sense when workers made a real financial sacrifice in pursuit of better pay or conditions, but rather a farce in which the Unite members are masquerading as trade unionists, by striking and suffering minimal or no financial pain.
The story that lone survivor Jibin Arula had told the Senate in its hearings on the incident revived the historic sense of struggle among the young Moros.
War in the historic sense consisted of set-piece battles, pitting armies and navies against each other without regard to gray space or limited objectives.
Taking stakeholder perspectives into account, a shared vision for East Lake is now beginning to emerge: a diverse and highly energy efficient, mixed-use and user-oriented urban environment that reflects the historic sense of place and the diverse needs of its residents and users.
One of these pieces examines the historic sense in primitive peoples, while the second examines the historic sense in children.
Indeed, it is as if Monteverde overlooked the phylogeny article, "The Historic Sense Among Primitive Peoples" (1896-97/ 1903a) altogether.
Barnes's (1896-97/1903b) treatment of her subject matter in the "The Historic Sense Among Primitive People," together with the comparison between children and "primitive peoples" (1896-97/ 1903a, p.
Makkai is mercurial, romantic in the best and in the historic sense, in most respects an antithesis to Goethe.
Even the historic sense that major appliances dominates the association reportedly has been mitigated.
Conventional wisdom has it that this suspicion comes simply from a the historic sense of kinship between Slavs and Serbs.
In one of the most important sections of the book, Brecher and Costello show that the negotiation of such agreements as NAFTA and GATT did not basically concern free trade, in the historic sense of the movement of goods among nation-states, but rather set out to eliminate governal regulations that might impede investment or profit maximization.
The image of foundrymen sitting at a computer does not convey the historic sense of "art" and "craft" that has produced the complex and wondrous castings that contributed to our technological civilization.
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