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Decretals digested, he flung himself upon medicine, on the liberal arts. He studied the science of herbs, the science of unguents; he became an expert in fevers and in contusions, in sprains and abcesses.
"All the evidence shows that the bashing of liberal arts colleges, and the liberal arts, just isn't well founded, just isn't based on evidence," concludes author Catharine B Hill.
The fact is, innovation needs the liberal arts, and the discipline, focus, and skill set that comes with serious study of them.
As these calls ring in our ears, we must simultaneously face, head-on, challenges such as unfavorable high school demographics (Marcus 2017), Moody's grim financial outlook for the sector (Fain 2017), and public and political pessimism regarding the liberal arts (APM Reports 2018).
Marco Rubio, R-Florida, called for a greater emphasis on the practical, rather than the liberal arts. "Welders make more money than philosophers," Rubio said.
Susan Williamson, visual arts coordinator at the Carroll Arts Center, is the recipient of the 2018 Delta of Maryland Lifelong Learner Award from the Phi Beta Kappa national honor society at McDaniel College.<br />The Delta of Maryland Lifelong Learner Award is given to an individual or group from the greater Westminster community who has pursued intellectual inquiry beyond their professional field or fields, thus demonstrating the liberal arts value of lifelong learning.<br />A current resident of Westminster, Williamson is known as a true Renaissance woman.
To explore the questions around the value of the liberal arts, we analyze detailed information on millions of job postings and worker resumes from Burning Glass Technologies.
He stated that the liberal arts model is the only one which produces well-rounded individuals with a multitude of skills.
Institutions, corporations and even families have looked down on the liberal arts and social sciences courses for years.
Remaking College: Innovation and the Liberal Arts (reprint, 2014)
TO REMEDY endemic speech suppression on campus, it must be recognized that an important underlying cause is "multiculturalism" broadly defined, and that multiculturalism, not the liberal arts, is now the purpose of colleges like Bowdoin.