The liberal arts

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Decretals digested, he flung himself upon medicine, on the liberal arts.
Despite the big push for STEM majors and career-focused skills in recent years, the liberal arts seem to be making a resurgence.
He stated that the liberal arts model is the only one which produces well-rounded individuals with a multitude of skills.
Remaking College: Innovation and the Liberal Arts (reprint, 2014)
When philosophy stood stainless in honor and wise in judgment, then, as facts and constant experience showed, the liberal arts flourished as never before or since; but, neglected and almost blotted out, they lay prone, since philosophy began to lean to error and join hands with folly.
The fate of the liberal arts is in many ways the fate of honors as well.
I think that most of us in honors would proudly and rightly claim that we are firmly grounded in the liberal arts, eschewing education limited to vocational preparation.
There is a tendency for professional studies faculty to compartmentalize the liberal arts and general studies as the place where the liberal learning occurs.
As a scarred veteran of a five year attempt to revise the core curriculum at the University of Detroit Mercy, I have become intensely interested in the following question: how to balance the programmatic requirements of professional schools with a robust and common core in the liberal arts and sciences?
In the face of an increasingly distracted culture, Roche claims that the liberal arts student is in the best position to recapture a genuine sense of leisure and wonder.
The liberal arts curriculum opened new worlds to many women; it introduced them to the major authors and texts that had profoundly influenced western culture, encouraged them to reflect and think critically about the world, and cultivated their ability to express themselves with clarity, eloquence, and conviction.
However, as someone who is heavily invested in the future of the liberal arts in America, it is disappointing to learn that liberal arts education is under siege not just at state-funded universities, but also at institutions whose educational mission is explicitly grounded on the liberal arts.