The movies

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The movies 
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At the sight of the body within the cage with the lion, the women and children of the village set up a most frightful lamentation, working themselves into a joyous hysteria which far transcended the happy misery derived by their more civilized prototypes who make a business of dividing their time between the movies and the neighborhood funerals of friends and strangers--especially strangers.
'He's been going to the movies too much, and thinks every man who has had his trousers pressed is a social gangster.
They are to them what the racetrack and the prize ring, the theater and the movies are to us.
Damon, as they came out of the theater two hours later, all three chuckling at the remembrance of what they had seen, "I wonder you never turned your inventive mind to the movies."
Every movie review on the Movies In Review Today site is properly written by professionals who understand what good movies are all about.
The Harry Potter books were so action-packed and detailed, but the movies neglected to give important information, like when Hermione started S.P.E.W.
Speaking about the new website, Abbas Jaffar Ali, publisher, t-break Information Technology, said, 'The idea behind ME Movies is to make it the most comprehensive and popular website for movie-goer's with one click access to the latest news, reviews, schedules and promotions related to the movies in the region.'
They all converged for Friday when, in 1997, he, Warrington Hudlin (president of the Black Filmmakers Foundation), and Byron Lewis, (founder, chairman, and CEO of Uniworld) formed an alternative to the Sundance Film Festival, supporting independent Black filmmakers, particularly since he saw the studios as the biggest barriers to black stories in the movies. In five months, they introduced the Acapulco Black Film Festival in Mexico with financing from Lewis.
It offers a close reading of popular children's films--including A Little Princess, Harry Potter, Home Alone, Jumanji, Matilda, Pocahontas, The Indian in the Cupboard, and Toy Story--highlighting the movies' contradictions, notably the inconsistency between a conception of children as little adults and nostalgia for a lost world of childhood innocence.
Drive-In Movie Memories is an informative and entertaining 58-minute documentary of the Drive-In Movie, a popular culture phenomena made possible by the combination of automobiles and the movies as a venue for youthful courting and family entertainment from its debut in the mid-1930's through it's "golden age" of the 1950s & 60s, to its decline with the competing onset of the television era and its diminished but still lingering presence on the American landscape of today.