The movies

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The movies 
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Damon, as they came out of the theater two hours later, all three chuckling at the remembrance of what they had seen, "I wonder you never turned your inventive mind to the movies.
They are to them what the racetrack and the prize ring, the theater and the movies are to us.
He's been going to the movies too much, and thinks every man who has had his trousers pressed is a social gangster.
At the sight of the body within the cage with the lion, the women and children of the village set up a most frightful lamentation, working themselves into a joyous hysteria which far transcended the happy misery derived by their more civilized prototypes who make a business of dividing their time between the movies and the neighborhood funerals of friends and strangers--especially strangers.
From those early sources the movies preserved not only a repertoire of devices and situations but, beneath all the heroic fantasy, an ancient harshness grounded in political realism.
The movies mostly flopped, many never seeing the light of day; Canada was ill drag, masquerading as the United States.
marketing to an audience that, by and large, doesn't go to the movies.
A Roman Catholic organization called the Legion of Decency, flanked by Protestant and Jewish groups, called for a boycott of the movies.
Ross argues that they saw themselves that way in the movies.
Now, Babette's Feast was a terrific film, as were Il Postino, Jean de Florette, and Raise the Red Lantern, but for most of us these are not the movies we flock to week after week, or the ones we watch over and over on cable.
Bad movies were certainly an easy target for cheap laughs - made even easier by the fact that the Medveds obviously hadn't seen many of the movies they so gleefully lampooned.