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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: society - a society that allows its members considerable freedom (as in a democracy); "America's open society has made it an easy target for terrorists"
society - an extended social group having a distinctive cultural and economic organization
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The exhibition is part of the "Europe for Citizens" project, realized with the help of the Open Society Fund of BiH, and will be open to visitors until 6 April.
The amount is related to the "current transfer of assets" by Soros, "who plans to leave the most significant stake of its wealth to the Open Society Foundations," she said.
This mapping provides the Open Society European Policy Institute and the Open Society network intelligence on Members of the 8th European Parliament likely to support Open Society values during the 2014--2019 legislature," one of the hacked instructional documents to the lobbyists says.
CARTHAGE (TAP) - Chairman of the Open Society Foundations George Soros said his organisation plans to open an office in Tunis to initiate development actions and programmes, particularly after the success of the Tunisian democratic transition experience.
President of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambayev on November 17 met with the founder of the Open Society Institute, philanthropist George Soros, reports the president's press service.
The Open Society and its Enemies in East Asia: The Relevance of the Popperian Framework
Coverage encompasses globalization as a driving force of the open society, the theoretical basis for freedom of choice, new domains for party autonomy, optional law in Europe, and foreign policy measures and their effects in private law, among other topics.
The head of the European Union Delegation to Armenia, Ambassador Traian Hristea, Executive director of the Open Society
Public health groups cannot tell sex workers that we 'oppose' them, yet expect them to be partners in preventing HIV," said Marine Buissonniere, MPP, director of the Open Society Public Health Program.
In order to deepen public policy expertise in the field of human rights and governance, the Open Society Foundations and the School of Public Policy at Central European University announced the creation of a new internship programme.
A report from the Open Society Foundations has released a report that more than 50 nations, including the US, extra-judicially transferred suspected terrorists overseas for secret integration and torture.
The seminar was organized by the Society for Community Strengthening for Promotion of Education in Balochistan (SCPEB) in collaboration with the Open Society Foundation and Education department, Government of Balochistan.