The pathetic

a style or manner adapted to arouse the tender emotions.

See also: Pathetic

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
There are four kinds of Tragedy, the Complex, depending entirely on Reversal of the Situation and Recognition; the Pathetic (where the motive is passion),--such as the tragedies on Ajax and Ixion; the Ethical (where the motives are ethical),--such as the Phthiotides and the Peleus.
Snowflakes create world without fun AFTER the pathetic and ridiculous outrage regarding Enid Blyton being a racist and homophobic, I suppose they will be taking Peppa Pig off our television screens.
The pathetic results of both the players in Asian Individual Squash Championship exposed the level of their training while they must understand that it is not a provincial team, which they are representing rather it is a national team so they must prefer the country and its prestige above each and everything.
There should be a commission or authority to address the pathetic conditions in Thar.
She recently launched a short independently produced film about her early days, and the pathetic state of her primitive and worn-out sporting facilities left me feeling dismayed.
Sackie says because of the pathetic condition of the woman and her three children, the organization is planning to bring them to Monrovia where they will be cared for and provided education.
However, if some are concerned with only a 68% turnout, this figure is a substantive improvement on the pathetic voting figures for the recent mayoral elections, with a reported 6% of the electorate voting in the election which failed Labour MP Andy Burnham participated in, or the even more pathetic figures for the Police and Crime Commissioner Elections.
He telephoned Inspector General of Police Khyber Pakhtunkhwa after taking serious notice of the news broadcasted regarding the pathetic incident of the burning of three women at Tehkal precinct in Peshawar and has called a detailed report immediately.
Former British No.1 Laura Robson responded: "I'm not convinced the pathetic hashtag can apply to one of the best players of all time?
Times of Oman first highlighted the pathetic life of the labourers who were depending on food distributed at mosques during the holy Ramadan month to stave off hunger.
PATHETIC MOTORWAYS OF THE UK You don't often think of a motorway as "pathetic", but the Pathetic Motorways website has a long list of major roads that it considers qualify as such in one way or another.
THE pathetic wrist slap handed out to the dangerous children responsible for the animal slaughter raises serious questions.