The poor

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those who are destitute of property; the indigent; the needy. In a legal sense, those who depend on charity or maintenance by the public.
- Franklin.

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That rich people will spend their money, which eventually will trickle down to the poor.
The state relied on philanthropic and religious institutions to make up for its deficiencies and to discipline the poor more extensively.
Close scrutiny of these records offers vivid pictures of the daily lives of the poor, the attitudes and goals of social workers and reformers responding to problems of poverty, and the strategies used by those receiving assistance in order to move beyond the role of passive recipient and to shape that assistance to meet their particular needs.
This provision, adopted with no thought for its effect on access to health care, could be a disaster for poor countries, because pharmaceutical companies price their drugs for rich-country markets, and have incentives to write off the poor who do not count financially, instead of having greatly varying prices which might lead to public-relations problems in rich countries.
Following the original example of Jesus and the more recent examples of Liberation Theology, Christian theologians have been moving among the poor, especially the urban poor, in order to discover and articulate a new word about God.
To inculcate a belief in democracy, Mann argued, what better way to teach privileged children that they share a common humanity than to teach them in the same school with the poor.
A major contention of the protesters is that expanding trade helps the rich, leaving the poor behind.
The converse of these celebratory ideals lie in the widespread social conviction that the poor deserved their fate.
The shift from local, private ways of dealing with poverty and deviance to a system emphasizing reform of the poor and, eventually, social welfare were steps along "the long road to social security" (198).
With the latest ranking of charities in the United States just released by the Chronicle of Philanthropy, Food For The Poor has been rated as the 3rd largest international charity in the U.