The probable

that which is within the bounds of probability; that which is not unnatural or preternatural; - opposed to the marvelous.

See also: Probable

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Constitutions of civil government are not to be framed upon a calculation of existing exigencies, but upon a combination of these with the probable exigencies of ages, according to the natural and tried course of human affairs.
He was certainly more eager in these visits than the probable speed of events required him to be; but he was stimulated by a fatherly delight in occupying his mind with this bit of probable happiness which he held in store like a hidden birthday gift for Fred and Mary.
The probable cause determination was fatal to both state and federal malicious prosecution claims and the claims for false arrest and false imprisonment, Gibney said.
Benner concedes for purposes of this appeal that he knowingly or recklessly made false statements in the probable cause affidavit.
'Throughout the probable cause hearings, this committee has gathered sufficient evidence to provide us with the ammunition to prosecute this case toward victory,' Umali said.
Garbin said 'if the committee finds a vote of the majority of all its members, then the probable cause exists on the basis of the evidence adduced before the committee; it shall submit its report setting for the articles of impeachment, otherwise the complaint shall be dismissed.'
Before starting, you go to the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), specifically FAR Part 15.404-1(d), and realize that the FAR requires you to perform cost realism analysis to determine the probable cost of performance for each offeror.
When, if ever, may the probable cause "requirement" be jettisoned and, if it is, what should replace it?
It is understood the probable case is linked to a person who had returned from holiday in a country affected by the virus.
Two of the probable cases locally involve two children about age 7 who are friends but attend different schools: Harris/Eastside Elementary and Oak Hill School, a private institution near Lane Community College.
755, 796-97 (2005) (noting that the probable cause standard is easy to satisfy while arguing that a requirement that the identity of an arrestee be protected until a judge has determined that probable cause exists would protect important constitutional rights).
(5) To establish probable cause sufficient to issue a search warrant, an affidavit in a warrant application must set forth two elements: 1) a particular person has committed a crime; and 2) evidence relevant to the probable criminality is likely located at the place to be searched.

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