The rather

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the more so; especially; for better reason; for particular cause.

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Many of these artists tend to look inward rather than project out, and curatorial choices amplify the rather dispiriting feeling.
I happen to hold the rather conventional view that Max Weber is one of the most formidable intellectuals of the past century.
Recent studies have exposed the rather virulent attack waged by such conservative religious groups as the Eagle Forum, Christian Coalition, and Focus on the Family.
And then there's the visit to the rather fun ``Star Trek'' dentist's office.
The building has five or six primary functions contained within the rather non-committal exterior: the long block that runs along the north-west side of the site parallel to the main SOAS building contains a 300 seat lecture theatre in the basement, a floor of informal social and academic spaces at entrance level, then two floors of seminar rooms, above which are a couple more levels of offices for the academic staff.
The book's chapters take us through the rather predictable, but necessary, sets of topics that comprise regional social and economic history: landholding and inheritance; demography; agriculture; occupational structure; and finally two chapters on the textile industry.
Throughout, for all the austerity of the forms both inside and out (and one or two odd moves in planning), there is a concern for heightening human experience for relating the rather disparate functions of the complex to each other and to the natural landscape, both near at hand and far away.