The romantic drama

the kind of drama whose aim is to present a tale or history in scenes, and whose plays (like those of Shakespeare, Marlowe, and others) are stories told in dialogue by actors on the stage.
- J. A. Symonds.
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I obediently despised the classic unities and the French and Italian theatre which had perpetuated them, and I revered the romantic drama which had its glorious course among the Spanish and English poets, and which was crowned with the fame of the Cervantes and the Shakespeare whom I seemed to own, they owned me so completely.
The actress said she dreaded the scenes in the romantic drama Jamon, Jamon and cried on the last day, saying, "What if I never shoot a movie again?
He was there to support the romantic drama which was produced by his production company Plan B Entertainment.
In the romantic drama Catherine, 37 - happily married to Michael Douglas, 52 - plays a lonely cook working at a top restaurant.
Natasha and Ashley met while on holiday with their families on the Greek island of Cephalonia - the setting of the romantic drama Captain Correlli's Mandolin.
And Brad, who plays Death in the romantic drama, persuaded Oscar-winning actor Hopkins to join in.
Rising star Sandra Bullock takes centre stage in the romantic drama While You Were Sleeping (PG, Buena Vista).