The romantic drama

the kind of drama whose aim is to present a tale or history in scenes, and whose plays (like those of Shakespeare, Marlowe, and others) are stories told in dialogue by actors on the stage.
- J. A. Symonds.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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I obediently despised the classic unities and the French and Italian theatre which had perpetuated them, and I revered the romantic drama which had its glorious course among the Spanish and English poets, and which was crowned with the fame of the Cervantes and the Shakespeare whom I seemed to own, they owned me so completely.
[USA], Apr 10 (ANI): American actors Issa Rae and LaKeith Stanfield starrer 'The Photograph' is going to be a treat for all couples as the romantic drama will release on Valentine's Day next year (February 14, 2020).
After the romantic drama 'Never Not Love You,' which premiered in March 2018, Nadine went on to embark on a concert tour with his boyfriend and screen partner, James Reid, directed music videos, and released a single that she wrote.
Summary: Actor was honoured for his role in the romantic drama 'October'
He directed films such as the grim, war-themed Grave of the Fireflies, the romantic drama Only Yesterday, the ecological adventure Pom Poko, and the comedy My Neighbors the Yamadas.
The actress said she dreaded the scenes in the romantic drama Jamon, Jamon and cried on the last day, saying, "What if I never shoot a movie again?" But fast-forward 25 years and she poses nude beneath a velvet curtain on the cover of Esquire.
He was there to support the romantic drama which was produced by his production company Plan B Entertainment.
In the romantic drama Catherine, 37 - happily married to Michael Douglas, 52 - plays a lonely cook working at a top restaurant.
Natasha and Ashley met while on holiday with their families on the Greek island of Cephalonia - the setting of the romantic drama Captain Correlli's Mandolin.
And Brad, who plays Death in the romantic drama, persuaded Oscar-winning actor Hopkins to join in.
Rising star Sandra Bullock takes centre stage in the romantic drama While You Were Sleeping (PG, Buena Vista).
The romantic drama film tells the story of former college sweethearts Christine (Soberano) and Raf (Gil) who meet again during a turning point in their lives.