The roof leaks

The roof leaks   
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And the roof leaks. And King John, my hard-hearted father, will not contribute a penny.
The roof leaked and the rain came pattering down on my bed.
And I must confess that the roof leaked miserably in a heavy rain.
There are no doors and the roof leaks. It lacks water and electricity connections.
'If the roof leaks, we will fix it, if the wall cracks, we will replace it with a new one and if the floor is damaged, we will make a new one.
'We were just joking around, and thinking of the time when we still played at UP [University of the Philippines] wherein we can't even fill up a row in the bleachers and the roof leaks when it rains,' said Pascua in Filipino Saturday.
The bank decided to make the donation after hearing about the house's trouble over the roof leaks especially during the summer monsoon period.
Our present garage is unheated, the roof leaks and the facilities are no longer adequate for storing and maintaining modern rescue vehicles.
The building of the traffic police department was not repaired for the last 15 years: the roof leaks, the walls destroy.
When the roof leaks are fixed and railings are installed on outside steps, she has plans to move in her 82-year-old mother, who now lives alone.