The social evil


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Summary: More than 40m people brave the bone-chilling cold to stand in queues to demonstrate their resolve against the social evil
Her first award winning documentary was on the social evil of acid throwing on women and her second award winning documentary is on the social evil of honour killing.
Just as a politician holds election meetings and asks for votes, so should he or she with the police officer and the school principals and the college principals and the community leaders address people together against the social evil of rape, which means instilling among the boys and courage among the girls.
Banned in Boston; the Watch and Ward Society's crusade against books, burlesque, and the social evil.
Edward Janney, The White Slave Traffic in America, (New York, 1911), 13; Vice Commission of Chicago, The Social Evil in Chicago: A Study of Existing Conditions, With Recommendations (Chicago, 1911), 41.
2 million rural women associated with a non-governmental organisation (NGO) announcing to join it to rid the state of the social evil which has been claiming many lives every year.
According to media reports, five teenage girls, identified as Afsana Khatun, Sunita Mahato, Mukti Majhi, Sangita Bauri and Bina Kalindi who belonged to Purulia district met Patil in the month of May in 2009, and had urged her to extend her support to root out the social evil of child marriage.
President Mamnoon Hussain while addressing the participants said corruption is destroy our country, urging all segments of the society to play their role in eradicating the social evil.
Raipur, Jan 14 (ANI): A voluntary organisation has raised a special force of women in Raipur to fight the social evil and work for women's empowerment.
On graft paid by drug sellers to police more generally, see Vice Commission of Chicago, The Social Evil in Chicago (Chicago, 1911).
Vice Commission of Newark, New Jersey], Report on the Social Evil Conditions of Newark, New Jersey to the People of Newark (n.
Jehanzeb Khan, former district nazim, said the society should act collectively against the social evils.