The social evil


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He said that he was proud of having voted against ending the social evil of Triple Talaq.
Summary: More than 40m people brave the bone-chilling cold to stand in queues to demonstrate their resolve against the social evil
Her first award winning documentary was on the social evil of acid throwing on women and her second award winning documentary is on the social evil of honour killing.
Patna: A teenaged girl from Bihar who spoke out against child marriages prevalent in the Indian state's countryside at the UN forum has herself become a child bride, raising questions over the state government's much-flaunted campaign against the social evil.
Edward Janney, The White Slave Traffic in America, (New York, 1911), 13; Vice Commission of Chicago, The Social Evil in Chicago: A Study of Existing Conditions, With Recommendations (Chicago, 1911), 41.
President Mamnoon Hussain while addressing the participants said corruption is destroy our country, urging all segments of the society to play their role in eradicating the social evil. He was of the opinion that participation of people in this walk from different walks of life proves that they want to create a corruption free society.
Raipur, Jan 14 (ANI): A voluntary organisation has raised a special force of women in Raipur to fight the social evil and work for women's empowerment.
[Vice Commission of Newark, New Jersey], Report on the Social Evil Conditions of Newark, New Jersey to the People of Newark (n.p., [1914]), 126-30; Courtwright, Dark Paradise, 2.
Gambling is one of the social evils and a negative addiction which can harm our society at large.
But Imran Khan has truly pointed out that only together can we do it and can eliminate the social evils which had plagued our nation.
He said that purchase and sale of the votes during elections was also part of the social evils, adding that his aim was only to point out these social evils.
The data on suicide should work as a catalyst for the Church to analyse the social evils that have wider ramifications for its members.