The three Rs

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"You shall teach me, and when I am a woman we will set up a school where nothing but the three R's shall be taught, and all the children live on oatmeal, and the girls have waists a yard round," said Rose, with a sudden saucy smile dimpling her cheeks.
We all are aware of the three Rs: reduce, reuse and recycle that help to cut down the amount of waste we generate.
figure By JECINTA MWIRIGI The three Rs hierarchy is a principle employed in waste management as a guidance for creating a sustainable environment.
It is all about the three Rs policy which is reduce, re-use or recycle."
Are the three Rs - VR, AR and MR - about to take over the world?
But on closer inspection, this "important homework" was nothing to do with the three Rs.
Embrace the three Rs Your kids will probably learn about the three Rs in school: reduce, reuse, recycle.
Letter Every Saturday during the week your full nameand Today, much less time is spent teaching the three Rs. This has been an ongoing process since about 1990, so I don't see how the SNP Government are to blame.
The Three Rs principle of Replacement, Reduction and Refinement has achieved worldwide recognition as a means of reducing the impact of science on animals.
Pass rates released by the department for education, which are the first since the introduction of a new testing system in 2014, showed 53 per cent of children passed in the three Rs.
SCHOOLS in Walsall have been named among the country's worst-performing for teaching the three Rs.
They said that achievement had fallen significantly in the three Rs and pupils make poor progress, especially in writing.