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(ˈθiːbeɪɪd; -bɪ-)
(Placename) the territory around ancient Thebes in Egypt, or sometimes around Thebes in Greece


(ˈθi beɪ ɪd, -bi-)

the ancient region surrounding Thebes, in Egypt.
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The responsibility of the mother, comments Luce Irigaray (1985, 185), "is to maintain the social order without intervening so as to change it," but the Thebaid reveals mothers not only as grieving and vengeful but as dangerously inadequate in their care for their children.
Since the early 1990s the Darnells, with the assistance of other members of the Theban Desert Road Survey, have been engaged in the long and arduous business of plotting the many new rock-drawings and inscriptions which they have found at Gebel Tjauti, an ancient caravan stop on the Alamat Tal Road in the Western Desert of the Thebaid.
In the heroic idiom of the dedication to Statius' Thebaid, similarly, Domitian is provided with hair (1.
Scholarship has often seen the Thebaid as a pessimistic depiction of genealogy.
I will therefore offer only one further specimen of an internally contextualized reading, one inspired largely by Debra Hershkowitz's brilliant discussion of a series of intratextually linked scenes in Statius's Thebaid.
Dio remarks that he set up statues of himself throughout Egypt, before adding that the vainglorious prefect even recorded his [GRREK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] on the pyramids; scholars have compared the famous trilingual inscription from Philae (ILS 8995) recording military successes of Gallus in the Thebaid and his reception of ambassadors from Ethiopia.
For example, in summarising the legacy of Virgil, Smith mentions Statius' Thebaid and claims that Theseus of Book 12 is based on Aeneas (170).
On both occasions she is acting on the instructions of Juno: in Ovid, the purpose is to have Somnus send an apparition of Morpheus to inform Alcyone of the death of her husband, Ceyx, while in the Thebaid it is Juno's wish for the Thebans to be overwhelmed by slumber, so as to present an opportunity to their enemies.
The Mythic Voice of Statius: Power & Politics in the Thebaid.
3) He is not to be identified as praeses of the Thebaid as the older literature does, e.
It is arguable that Oedipus, attempts to forget played some role in the Cyclic Thebaid.
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