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(ˈθiːbeɪɪd; -bɪ-)
(Placename) the territory around ancient Thebes in Egypt, or sometimes around Thebes in Greece


(ˈθi beɪ ɪd, -bi-)

the ancient region surrounding Thebes, in Egypt.
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of the warring twins in La Thebaide is still true: the closer the
Caiani too notes that Hippomedon and Capaneus recall the tragic end of Mezentius and are also exemplars of friendship in Books 9 and 10: Caiani, 'La pietas nella Thebaide di Stazio: Mezenzio modello di Ippomedonte e Capaneo', Orpheus 11 (1990): 260-76.
Buonamico Buffalmacco, Thebaide, Pise, Camposanto, vers 1330-35).
d'autres fois, ce n'est que vers midi, apres la premiere matinee assez bien passee, que l'ennui vague, le degout du logis, un besoin errant si connu des solitaires de la Thebaide eux-memes et qu'ils ont appele le demon du milieu du jour, vous pousse dehors, converti fragile et deja lasse >> (312).
That is why, in the opening of La-bas, Durtal considers mapping the supernatural, why Huysmans's post-conversion fiction abandons the stifling Thebaide in order to explore the mystery of God and his Creation.
He considers politics and monstrous origins in La Thebaide, myth and melancholy in Andromaque, sacrifice and sovereignty in Iphigenie, and religion and revolution in Racine's heavenly city.
If we accept that the Parisian episode is in some sense a rite of passage from adolescence to adulthood, then the claims Dominique makes to the flame narrator in the opening and closing chapters begin to look distinctly problematic, and the return to Les Trembles not so much the achievement of mature self-realisation (or self-abnegation) as a flight from a necessary engagement with contemporary social reality--prefiguring, mutatis mutandis, the thebaide of Des Esseintes (who would no doubt be horrified at the thought that he might aspire to maturity).
If Alexandre le Grand had gone the same way as La Thebaide, no one would have noticed.
Lesueur, Stace Thebaide (Paris, 1990, 1991, 1994; 3 vols.
Les champs de canne a l'infini, jusqu'aux montagnes, le sentier le long de la mer a Eau-Bouillie, l'anse de Flic-en-Flac, et au nord, la riviere Belle-Isle et la domaine de la Thebaide, La Mecque.
Racine met Moliere, the great comic poet and actor-manager, who accepted his first tragedy, La Thebaide ou les freres ennemis ("The Thebaide or the Enemy Brothers"), which was produced with mediocre success in 1664.
Moliere produced Racine's first two tragedies: La Thebaide (The Thebaid, performed 1664) and Alexandre le Grand (1665).