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n.1.Any one of many species of small delicately colored butterflies belonging to Thecla and allied genera; - called also hairstreak, and elfin.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Davis, professor at the Evangelical Theological Seminary, Cairo, has assembled a prodigious amount of research in determining the extent and depth of the cult of Thecla in the ancient world, where virginity and Thecla's example were, as he says, an "empowerment" (194) that freed women from the societal constraints of family and ordinary social interaction.
In 375 his ascetic side won out again, and he disappeared to live at the shrine of St Thecla in Seleucia.
Thecla Ross reported that the Fundraising Committee will be selling bricks engraved with donor names to be used as a decorative walkway around the pool.
Jammed amongst material of "Thecla barajo" and its relatives in the Main Butterfly collection of the Natural History Museum, London (cabinet series 28A, drawer number 68) since almost a century, a large, curious female lycaenid butterfly specimen was curated as an undescribed species by Frederick Goodson (BALINT, 2005a).
This duly resembles the episode in the Acts of Paul and Thecla 7-9, where the young Thecla listens to Paul's preaching through a window6.
While one may quibble with specific elements in the book, such as the easy conflation of "writer" with "author" in a historical context where writing still largely remained the province of scribes and stenographers and the construal of the self-reference of the anonymous author of the Miracles of Thecla to his index finger as a synecdoche pointing to his writerly persona (this involves a measure of right-handed chauvinism, see 85), the overall treatment brims with lively intelligence and wit.
Anthony and Thecla are coauthoring Why Horses in the Wilderness, Education, and Treatment from the Heart.
We also make some new friends: Norea, the daughter of Eve who emerges from apocryphal literature as a savior of her people; Thecla, whose story would be a blockbuster television miniseries if she were contemporary with us; Perpetua and Felicity, two early Christian martyrs known to many by name.
Thecla monastery, who had been held hostage by armed terrorist groups, arrived Monday at dawn in Damascus amid popular and religious reception.
Contact Thecla Ross at (519) 774-2050 if you would like to help.
The name of "Thecla oakesii" Butler, 1884 was given to distinguish specimens with a coppery or rosy discal coloration in the basal part of the hindwing ventral surface.
Eloquent Virgins: From Thecla to Joan of Arc, New York NY: Palgrave Macmillan.