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Noun1.Thelypteris - marsh ferns: in some classification systems considered part of genus Dryopteris in family DryopteridaceaeThelypteris - marsh ferns: in some classification systems considered part of genus Dryopteris in family Dryopteridaceae
fern genus - genera of ferns and fern allies
family Thelypteridaceae, Thelypteridaceae - genera Thelypteris, Phegopteris, and others
Dryopteris thelypteris, marsh fern, Thelypteris palustris - fern having pinnatifid fronds and growing in wet places; cosmopolitan in north temperate regions
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Two of the three selected species [Macrothelypteris torresiana and Thelypteris dentata) belong to the 22 species introduced into Mexico (Tejero-Diez and Torres-Diaz, 2012), and both are weedy and more abundant in ruderal habitats than the native species (Blechnum appendiculatum).
Ching Thelypteris augescens (Link) Thelypteris augescens (Link) Munz & I.
Dulichium arundinaceum, Juncus canadensis, Thelypteris palustris var.
Smith and Pearman (1971) reported Dryopteris cristata, Osmunda cinnamomea, Osmunda regalis, Polystichum acrostichoides, and Thelypteris noveboracensis occurring in Carter and Johnson counties, Tennessee.
X THELYPTERIDACEAE (Fern Family) Thelypteris palustris Schott var.
Sagittaria latifolia and Thelypteris palustris) and water depth varied between periods.
ulmifolia (elm leaved goldenrod), Spiranthes cernua (Ladies tresses), Thalictrum pubescens (tan meadow rue), Thelypteris palustris (marsh fern), Verbena hastata (Nue vervain), and Viola sagittata (arrow violet).
This high generic species richness is surpassed only by Asplenium and Thelypteris (44 each), which both include only one new record in addition to Mickel and Smith (2004), just like Polypodium (30) and Selaginella (28), the latter being another genus with four doubtful species.
HERBACEOUS LAYER Dulichiuma arundinaceum 43 (10) 21 (35) 23 Impatiens capensis 50 (12) 17 (28) 20 Cephalanthus occidentalis 36 (8) 7 (12) 10 Leersia or vzoides 57 (13) 4 (7) 10 Triadenum fraseri 29 (7) 3 (5) 6 Thelypteris palustris 36 (8) 1 (2) 5 Boehrneria cvlindrica 29 (7) 1 (1) 4 Polygonum sagittatum 29 (7) 1 (1) 4 Bidens sp.
6 followed by Thelypteris palustris and Calamagrostis canadensis.