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Noun1.Theodor Mommsen - German historian noted for his history of Rome (1817-1903)Theodor Mommsen - German historian noted for his history of Rome (1817-1903)
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Harris spent two years reading all of it, plus everything else he could lay his hands on: the great works of Roman history by Ronald Syme, Theodor Mommsen and others.
THEODOR MOMMSEN'S FAME DURING his lifetime was such that it earned the awe of even so skeptical an observer as Mark Twain.
A few scholars, following the great Theodor Mommsen, have hypothesized that Jordanes discovered this story in the fourth-century historian Ammianus Marcellinus.
Nothing reflects Eck's stature better than his current role, held since 2007, as the director of the Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum in its newly established home at the Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften, the same position held a century and a half earlier by Theodor Mommsen, perhaps the most eminent classicist of the nineteenth century.
It is impossible to detect in Adolf Bartels, an old-time anti-Semite of the late nineteenth century, a tolerance for assimilation; by the same token, Theodor Mommsen, whom Wildt correctly characterizes as a man wishing Jews to assimilate, never was what the author would define as an anti-Semite of the old type.
He was among the prime students of Leopold von Ranke, one of the founders of modern historical scholarship; he was first the protege, then the employee, and finally the embittered competitor and enemy of Georg Heinrich Pertz, who for more than half a century was at the helm of the prestigious Monumenta Germaniae Historica research center; and then he was the friend, protege, and collaborator of Theodor Mommsen (1902 Nobel laureate in literature), one of the central figures of ancient and early medieval studies.
Some scholars discussed include Georg Ebers, Theodor Mommsen, Marcus Aurelius, and Henry Seville.
Cheesman's improvement on the RE articles of Theodor Mommsen's student, Conrad Cichorius.
(5) Dos historiadores contemporaneos, leu a enorme Historia da Grecia de Ernst Curtius, a Historia de Roma de Theodor Mommsen e o primeiro volume da Historia da Alemanha de Heinrich von Treitschke.
Como dice Theodor Mommsen en su monumental Historia de Roma, la produccion de uvas y vinos fue la actividad agricola mas rentable del imperio en formacion.