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Noun1.Theodore Harold White - United States political journalist (1915-1986)
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Lawyers for her son, Theodore White II told a Michigan judge last week in a court filing that he should be named co-executor, or personal representative, along with Ms Owens.
Attorneys for Theodore White II last week told a Michigan judge in a court filing that White should be named co-executor, or personal representative, along with Franklin's niece, Sabrina Owens.
There is a long tradition of books offering the "inside story" of elections, going back to Theodore White's The Making of the President i960.
Someone might even attempt a Pakistani version of Theodore White's The Making of a President, that quadrennial account of every US presidential election held between 1960 and 1980.
President Rodrigo Roa Duterte's decisive act substantiated the fiction - referred to by Theodore White as the 'crowning myth' - of the Presidency.
According to journalist Theodore White, television transmogrified Nixon into a "glowering", "heavy" figure; by contrast, Kennedy appeared glamorous, sophisticated - almost beautiful.
My favorite chapter of the book discusses the Kennedy campaign's masterful handling of reporter Theodore White's chronicling of the 1960 campaign in what would become The Making of the President 1960, which won the Pulitzer Prize and burnished a positive image for the president well before his assassination.
Mark White, in his cultural history (2013) of Jackie's role in the construction and preservation of this image, argues that Theodore White's contemporary article, written in close collaboration with Jackie for Life magazine just a week after the president's death, is 'the key text ...
In a post-election interview with journalist Theodore White, Carter said uncontrolled inflation was the biggest reason for his defeat.
In fact, it was Jackie Kennedy who called Life magazine writer Theodore White a week after the Nov.
One often feels that Kallina's real antagonists in this book are not the Kennedys themselves-although he is especially hard on RFK--but Theodore White (The Making of the President 1960 [Atheneum House, 1961]), Ted Sorensen (Kennedy [Harper and Row, 1965]), and Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.