Theodosius I

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The·o·do·sius I

 (thē′ə-dō′shəs, -shē-əs) Known as "Theodosius the Great." ad 346?-395.
Emperor of Rome who ruled jointly (379-392) with Gratian and Valentinian II and independently (392-395). He repressed paganism and Arianism and in his will divided the eastern and western portions of the empire between his two sons.

Theodosius I

(Biography) called the Great. ?346–395 ad, Roman emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire (379–95) and of the Western Roman Empire (392–95)

The•o•do•si•us I

(ˌθi əˈdoʊ ʃi əs, -ʃəs)
( “the Great” ) a.d. 346?–395, Roman emperor 379–395.
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Noun1.Theodosius I - the last emperor of a united Roman Empire, he took control of the eastern empire and ended the war with the Visigoths; he became a Christian and in 391 banned all forms of pagan worship (346-395)