Pastoral Theology

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that part of theology which treats of the duties of pastors.

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In contrast, the other chapter in the final section of the book, "Postmodernism, Mennonites, and Pastoral Care," by Lies Brussee-van der Zee, outlines postmodern culture in the Netherlands, examines the relevance of pastoral care and then demonstrates how Anabaptist theology was relevant to the setting: "In Anabaptist theology, pastoral care--looking after one another--in its essence flows naturally from the building up of the community of faith" (255).
Students may specialize in scripture, theology, pastoral ministry, liturgy or spirituality.
The center serves as a cross-cultural education center for theology, pastoral ministry, leadership, and language studies.
This would be an excellent supplementary text in a course in moral theology, pastoral ministry, or religious education.
Eighty percent had master's or doctoral degrees, and nearly three-fourths of the entire group described themselves as academically trained in theology, pastoral studies, liturgy or other fields related to ordained ministry.
Place: University of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA Time: Fall, spring, summer (June 17-July 29, 1994) Description: We offer 16-unit certificate programs in pastoral ministry and religious education, a 30-unit master's in applied spirituality (summers only, including a 30-day retreat), and a 36-unit master of arts in theology with emphases in scripture, historical/systematics, spirituality and ecumenical theology, pastoral ministry/religious education.
Place: Seminary of the Immaculate Conception, Huntington, NY Time: Year-round Description: Master of Arts in Theology with specialization in pastoral liturgy, scripture, theology, pastoral ministry and spirituality, post-master's advanced certificates (18 credits) in pastoral liturgy, spirituality and parish ministry; doctor of ministry program beginning in spring 1994.