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A Protestant movement that arose during World War I and is closely associated with Karl Barth. It opposes liberalism and advocates certain theological, especially Calvinist doctrines of the Reformation.

ne′o-or′tho·dox′ adj.


(Protestantism) a movement in 20th-century Protestantism, reasserting certain older traditional Christian doctrines
ˌneo-ˈorthodox adj
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It recognizes that Kraemer's views are close to the dialectical theology of Karl Barth, known as the theology of crisis.
8), seemingly as though the early dialectical theology or theology of crisis had never happened.
After a careful clarification of her main themes and aims and a reading of Calvinism as a theology of crisis and opposition, Manning offers an imaginative reconstruction, in a taut narrative of cause and effect, of the fortunes of Calvinist thought over three centuries.