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a.1.Of or pertaining to a theopany; appearing to man, as a god.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Moreover, the theophanic descriptions of Yahweh and those of Baal are so strikingly similar that Cross contended, "Israel used traditional Canaanite language in early descriptions of Yahweh's theophany, and it is this traditional poetic language, objectified and historicized in excessively literal prose that we find in the Epic accounts of the revelation at Sinai." (28) Interestingly, the Bible also preserves evidence that Yahweh could be referred to as Baal (or lord).
This first volume presents and discusses a large selection of exegetical, doctrinal, hymnographic, and iconographic materials illustrating the reception history of several important and influential theophanic passages from the Hebrew Bible.
The world of phenomena is the theophanic world: a self-revelation of God through which God both knows Godself in creation and is known by creation.
For example, we may say that the known sphere of the concept of God includes a series of notions determining contextual theophanic states as for instance: pillar of fire, voice from the sky, tongues of fire, Logos made flesh, etc.
allowing for the theophanic event, "God spoke." (53)
In her study of Auschwitz Melissa Raphael gets it exactly right when she concludes that the restoration or tikkun of the world "does not occupy a quantity of space and time; it is the theophanic possibility of a moment." (59) The fearful mystery of grace hinges precisely on the moment--the accumulated constellation of moments--in which we, and people we will never meet, say yes or no to love.
It is thus necessary to recover the symbolic narratives of our ancestral cultures in the South, regardless of whether they are philosophical, mythical, or religious in character or not (even those texts categorized as theophanic or revelatory), in order to subject them to a philosophical labor within the overall framework of reconstructing our traditions.
Against the proposed biblical subtext, the horseman's pursuit of Evgeny, like the theophanic whirlwind of Job, may be read as Peter's attempt to defend his order against his subject's indictment.
Further, the possessive act of the Air's gaze or nazar is objectified in his portrait as a continuous theophanic site that provokes Jahan Ara's performative piety and motivates her sacred eroticized experiences.
Being set itself, or more rightly, its clandestine relationship to the finite, out of the scope of knowledge, infinity came to be included in nature in a theophanic way, and in the constructions that purported in fact nothing of the divine infinity itself but were nonetheless admitted to speak about it in the shape of analogy.
His topics include the theophanic cosmos, Newton's divine mechanic and the world of mere matter, Darwin's revolution and the end of teleology, the question of God, creaturely being in a trinitarian context, and the abolition of Man.