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 (tā′ə-tē′wä-kän′, tĕ′ō-)
An ancient city of central Mexico northeast of present-day Mexico City. Its ruins include the Pyramid of the Sun and the Temple of Quetzalcoatl.


(ˌteɪ oʊˌti wɑˈkɑn)

the ruins of an ancient city in central Mexico, near Mexico City, fl. a.d. c200–c750.


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100 BC–AD 750 The Teotihuacáns built an enormous city inhabited from about AD 400 and organized as a metropolis from about the beginning of the Christian era. The city included two outstanding temoles-pyramids, dedicated to the Sun and the Moon respectively. Little is known about Teotihuacán culture. They farmed and irrigated the land, and set up trading posts with Mayans. The city was sacked and burned by invading Toltecs in about AD 650.