therapeutic range

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ther·a·peu·tic range

n. límite terapeútico de la dosis de una droga administrada según sea de baja o máxima toleración.
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Daily examination of our patient's blood indicated that a PTT, PT, and INR were within the therapeutic range when the bleeding started, and before the initial symptoms occurred.
" For each patient involved in the warfarin arm of the RE-LYA trial, the quality of warfarin treatment was calculated by establishing the time in therapeutic range (TTR).
The aim of this study was to investigate whether patients who were taking warfarin and had an International Normalized Ratio (INR) within the normal therapeutic range require cessation of their anticoagulation drugs before dental extractions or not.
The INR is monitored from 72 hours onwards anticipating a therapeutic range of 2 - 3.
When INR is elevated above the therapeutic range, risk of bleeding is increased.
While both fentanyl and morphine including their metabolites were below their effective blood concentrations on day 5, plasma midazolam was significantly elevated at 2.78 [micro]mol/l (therapeutic range 0.3 to 1.0 [micro]mol/l).
PROMETHEUS Thiopurine Metabolites helps keep patients' drug metabolite levels within an optimal therapeutic range, thereby increasing the probability of a positive response and potentially reducing the need for other medications.
Frequent monitoring to support drug dosing adjustments and also to stay within the therapeutic range has proved to be an essential element in the success of any therapy.
Among treated patients, many have international normalized ratios (INRs) outside the therapeutic range, placing them at risk for serious, preventable complications such as stroke (if under-anticoagulated) and bleeding (if over-anticoagulated).
In a clinical setting, the plasma drug level can be measured to determine if a dosage regimen results in a drug concentration within a therapeutic range. The therapeutic range or window is a range of drug concentrations that achieves the desired result (efficacy), with minimal toxicity.
Hammett-Stabler (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill) and Dasgupta (University of Texas-Houston Health Sciences Center) offer a source of information on the intended uses, pharmacokinetics, therapeutic range, toxic concentrations, bioavailability, disposition, metabolism, and excretion of commonly monitored therapeutic drugs.
In general, the therapeutic range for heat treatment in sports medicine is assumed to be from 41 to 45[degrees]C (Lehmann and de Lateur, 1982).
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