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Noun1.Theropoda - carnivorous saurischian dinosaurs with short forelimbs; Jurassic and Cretaceous
animal order - the order of animals
Sauropodomorpha, suborder Sauropodomorpha - gigantic herbivorous dinosaurs having huge bodies with long necks and small heads: Prosauropoda and Sauropoda (apatosaurus, diplodocus and titanosaurs)
bird-footed dinosaur, theropod, theropod dinosaur - any of numerous carnivorous dinosaurs of the Triassic to Cretaceous with short forelimbs that walked or ran on strong hind legs
suborder Ceratosaura - primitive saurischian dinosaurs
Carnosaura, suborder Carnosaura - largest carnivorous land animals ever known
genus Compsognathus - a reptile genus of Theropoda
genus Herrerasaurus - primitive theropod found in Argentina; early Triassic
genus Eoraptor - primitive theropod found in Argentina; early Triassic
Ornithomimida, suborder Ornithomimida - lightly built medium-size theropods
Maniraptora, suborder Maniraptora - advanced theropods including oviraptorids and dromaeosaurs and possibly even modern birds
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The fourth new item, Therapod, is said to provide a dual-use soothing moist heat and therapeutic cold to help relieve stress, improve flexibility, reduce swelling and speed recovery in the case of sprains and other injuries.
Archaeopteryx inherited its hallux from its therapod ancestors, and therapods evolved long before the lineage took to the trees.
These examples detailed the transition from fish to tetrapod, the transition of land mammal to whale, and the transition from therapod dinosaur to birds.