adv.1.Out of that or this.
He shall take thereout his handful of the flour.
- Lev. ii. 2.
2.On the outside; out of doors.
References in classic literature ?
But the old gamester gives the new hat to the shepherd, and, soon after, the half-sovereign to Willum, who thereout decorates his sweetheart with ribbons to his heart's content.
I see I must skip the wrestling; and the boys jumping in sacks, and rolling wheelbarrows blindfolded; and the donkey-race, and the fight which arose thereout, marring the otherwise peaceful "veast;" and the frightened scurrying away of the female feast-goers, and descent of Squire Brown, summoned by the wife of one of the combatants to stop it; which he wouldn't start to do till he had got on his top-boots.
Associations in fee simple--but "reserving thereout all mines and
beautified by brickwork, with the blessing of the environmental folk, inasmuch as the bricks are "ecologically friendly" and will efficiently warm the inhabitants therein, but not the globe thereout.
JAMES ARTHUR BALLANTINE, LAW DICTIONARY WITH PRONUNCIATIONS 961 (1948) ("[Personal property] embraces all objects and rights which are capable of ownership except freehold estates in land, and incorporeal hereditaments issuing thereout, or exercisable within the same.
74) It is the story of violence and suffering visited on women: Hooker's "snowt fair" harlot; the "Calliackes, or women, who milked their creates" selected for slaughter by Gilbert; (75) the women whose forced testimony led to the beheading of their men; (76) and the woman whose plight provided grist to Spenser's polemical mill: "at the execution of a notable traytor at Limericke, called Murrogh O-Brien, I saw an old woman, which was his foster mother, take up his head, whilst he was quartered, and sucked up all the blood that runne thereout, saying, that the earth was not worthy to drinke it, and therewith also steeped her face and breast, and tore her haire, crying out and shrieking most terribly.
chinensis (family of Iridaceae) and on the thereout purified isoflavone tectorigenin.
To whom my hartie and best thoughts are, and have a long time bin so intangled, and inthralled in so intricate a laborinth, that I was even awearied to unwinde my selfe thereout.
Wheras late last night or early this morning the Windmill at Holloway Head, belonging to Thomas Standbridge, was broken open and a quantity of flour and bran and brown great coat belonging to the miller stolen thereout.
The Federation is on record to have adopted 39 thereout and incorporate them in its Articles with advantage.
It shall be permissible to agree that a contract shall be regarded as being cancelled spontaneously [automatically] without the need for a judicial order upon non-performance of the obligations arising thereout, and such agreement shall not dispense with notice unless the contracting parties have expressly agreed that it should be dispensed with.
200 YEARS AGO: Whereas in the night of Friday last, the warehouse belonging to William Pitchfork of Tipton, in the county of Stafford, was broken open, and upwards of one hundred weight of roasted coffee beans stolen thereout.