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1. contraction of there is.
2. contraction of there has.
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And theres the two big celebrations Matariki and Te Matatini.
So theres this forward- leaning growth rather than coming back from a downturn.
Theres also a sports complex nearby where regional tournaments are held.
And then theres the houses outdoor entertaining area and pool and the landscaped yard.
Theres a continuity in public service that relates both to the military and to my work here for the court system, Sellen said.
Theres a buzz in my conversations with leaders about the need to create a culture of collaboration and teamwork in their organizations.
Its dangerous, it can cause accidents and theres no reason to do it, said Kavanagh, R-Fountain Hills.
The system has been broken for so long, and theres this ecosystem of property tax attorneys who are in power everywhere so theres little motivation to fix the many problems weve uncovered in the Cook County Assessors Office.
I think its been very successful to have the Legislature working together with the judges to save money where we can, and obviously we want to have more judges where theres a crisis, Jones said.
Second favourite in the longodds lists is the Graham Hollandtrained Rural Hawaii and he can carry his favoured stripes to victory in heat seven from Twilight Tear and Theres The Bell.
For cricket fanatics (and theres a lot of them around the world), the sheer unpredictability of the game is what keeps them hooked.
Theres a limit of one burger per person so no, you cannot buy for your friends.