Thermal spectrum

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a spectrum of rays considered solely with reference to their heating effect, especially of those rays which produce no luminous phenomena.

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With the information provided by thermal imaging, researchers can characterize objects in the thermal spectrum to identify and improve their designs."
To achieve the targeted neutron spectrum tailoring inside a thermal MTR, two options exist, i.e., either to remove the thermal spectrum component or to increase the fast/thermal neutrons ratio, using the appropriate neutron screens.
To consider the nonstrictly thermal spectrum of the large AdS black hole, we will correct the asymptotic form of quasinormal modes of the 5-dimensional large AdS black hole.
As previously emphasized [6-15], condensed matter is absolutely required for the production of a thermal spectrum.
So copolymers have a wider processing window because of advantages on both ends of the thermal spectrum.
MSX adds the detail of real-time visible spectrum images captured by the built-in digital camera to thermal spectrum images, providing extraordinary sharpness, contrast and clarity previously unavailable in thermal imaging,
SightLogix' products include long and wide-range SightSensor security cameras in both visible and thermal spectrum, SightTrackers that automatically steer PTZ/dome cameras, and SightMonitor GPS target display software.