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Noun1.thermal spring - a natural spring of water at a temperature of 70 F or abovethermal spring - a natural spring of water at a temperature of 70 F or above
natural spring, outpouring, fountain, spring, outflow - a natural flow of ground water
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(2) Several studies have focused on the microbial ecology of Actinobacteria in common environments; conversely, data about the microbial ecology of thermophilic Actinobacteria in thermal environments, especially those that are endemic to thermal springs, are still limited.
The itinerary also includes an opportunity to visit Edirne, and experience the unique healing properties of Sivas' thermal springs.
By: Noha Ragab CAIRO - 13 July 2017:The Saturnia's thermal springs, under the city's hill, is one of the most important tourist destinations in Italy.
Sandanski, about an hour drive from the border with Greece, is famous for its thermal springs. The town of about 30,000 is catering to Greek visitors with most shops displaying signs in Bulgarian and Greek and restaurants and bars filled with the sound of Greek music, the author Georgi Kantchev writes.
The new era for the Debar thermal springs began on 15 October 2004 when the Capa family took over Debarski Banji on the stock market.
MUE[currency] (CyHAN)- Thermal springs lying between eastern Turkish provinces of Bitlis' GE-roymak District and MuE-'s HaskE[micro]y District became an attracting point for buffaloes which enjoy with that.
In addition, he has proposed to consider the use of thermal springs that are laying at the depth of 120 meters in Bishkek as a source of energy instead of the capital's combined heat and power plant.
Canadian travel site said that many Canadians are in need of some warming up around the Family Day long weekend and suggest taking a vacation to one of its Top 10 Thermal Springs destinations around the world.
Typology of chemical composition is quite broad, resulting hydrogeological conceptual models of several nature (Cruz, 2007), namely (Figure 1): (i) NaCl thermal springs from the basal aquifer; (ii) thermal springs, boiling pools, fumaroles and cold CO2-rich springs associated to hydrothermal systems.
The principal objective of the fair is to convert the US into an international power for thermalism, thalassotherapy and medical climatology, as well as to see thermal treatments covered by social security and increase health tourism to thermal springs centers.
Googling a runner Sulis Minerva 3.15 Lingfield Sulis was the local Celtic goddess of the thermal springs that feed the spa baths in Bath.