Thermal unit

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In the study, we have selected thermal units and reservoir volume as control variables while the first thermal unit and water discharges have been regarded as slack variables.
Caption: Figure 2: The waveform of production cost (see (1b)) and generated emission (see (2)) for a particular thermal unit.
INDIA wants Iran to lower the price of natural gas to $ 1.5 per million British thermal units for the urea plant that its plans to set up at Chabahar port in the Middle East country while Tehran has offered a price of $ 2.95.
Traders said Japanese utility Tohoku Electric in January purchased an LNG cargo for delivery in the third week of March at a price in the low $7 per million British thermal unit (mmBtu) range.
Sources said the price as per the formula in the current quarter comes to USD 6.775 per million British thermal unit as against the current rate of USD 4.2 per mmBtu.
The Empowered Group of Ministers (EGoM)received a note circular that mentioned that the hike in the rate to USD 14.2-14.51 per mmBtu from the present USD 4.2 per million British thermal unit would enable the company to generate increased revenue of USD 4.1 billion.
Oman had contracted to sell gas to the plant at $0.77 per million British thermal unit for 15 years beginning 2005 but mid-way decided to hike rates to $3 per mmBtu (million British thermal units) from January 1, 2012 citing firming up of prices in global market.
2 unit of the utility's three-reactor Ikata nuclear plant in Ehime Prefecture is scheduled to be halted for regular checks in January in addition to the other two now undergoing such checks, it would be difficult to satisfy peak demand in wintertime without reactivation of the thermal unit, the firm said.
Part of gas production from the block has been committed under sales contract to PT Perusahaan Gas Negara Tbk at a price of US$ 4.33 per Btu (British thermal unit) million with an annual escalation of 3%.
International Resource News-8 December 2009-Reliance Industries to sell natural gas at USD4.20 per million British thermal unit, RNRL objects(C)2009 ENPublishing -
ANSWERS: 1 The BTU (British Thermal Unit); 2 Swimming, cycling, running; 3 Ecology; 4 Iceland; 5 Prince Harry; 6 Bourneville; 7 Barbara Good; 8 Timothy Dalton; 9 Arizona; 10 Anastasia.
Thermal unit requirements to reach specific ontogenetic stages are usually determined in controlled environments by regressing development rate (inverse of time required to reach ontogenetic phase) against ADT (Olivier and Annandale, 1998; Baker and Reddy, 2001).