Thermodynamic function

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The Gibbs free energy is a thermodynamic function that represents the maximum amount of energy released in a process at constant temperature and pressure, which is available to be used.
The thermodynamic function viz., [DELTA]Hp, [DELTA]Hv, [DELTA]G and [DELTA]S follow the same trend as that of [k.sup.0.sub.f,h] with respect to the mode of reduction to the reducible species and are tabulated in Tables 1 and 2.
Here enthalpy is a thermodynamic function of temperature and pressure.
IGAdeg, IHAdeg, and ISAdeg are thermodynamic functions that relate to the conditions of the experiment.
Diederichs demonstrates that when such a steady state cycling between ATP formation and splitting is reached, all involved potential thermodynamic functions of the state, for example, Gibbs energy, enthalpy, and entropy remain unchanged, which means that no heat can be produced and/or exchanged for ATP cycling under the given conditions.
Moreover, the solubilities of NaCl, as well as the thermodynamic functions in the dissolution process of NaCl in the C[H.sub.3]OH-[H.sub.2]O binary system were also calculated for further investigation.
The primary crystallization and homogeneity areas of phases were fixed and the fundamental thermodynamic functions of ternary compounds and solid solutions were determined [20-23].
The present results show that the thermodynamic functions used in this work describe the H-Mg system in a broader pressure range more accurately than those reported by Zeng et al.
Using the modified partition function, we determined the thermodynamic functions such as free energy, entropy, pressure, internal energy, and specific heat.
Among his topics are thermodynamic functions, the quantum statistics of ideal gases, magnetic and dielectric materials, multiphase systems, and functional integration in statistical physics.

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