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n.1.(Old Chem.) Caloric; heat; regarded as a material but imponderable substance.
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Similarly, good results were noted in a pilot study of the ThermiVa radiofrequency product manufactured by ThermoGen in 23 patients who underwent three treatments 1 month apart (Int J Laser Aesthet Med.
Did you ever use or need iodine socks, Izal or Miss Muffet toilet rolls, Dettolin mouthwash, Spenby exercisers, Adaptoplast first aid dressing, Thermogen medicated wadding, Campbell's cleansing pomade, Chick Choc Tablets, Macleans Peroxide Solid Dentifrice, Carnation Corn Caps, Pickles Foot Ointment, Zam-Buk for aching feet or Fiery Jack Rubbing Ointment?
Infernal sciatica has laid me low again, for the last fortnight I have been mainly bedridden, swathed in thermogen & heaped about with hot water bottles: but I am to get up for luncheon today & as the capture of a 'long-chained streptococcus' has been officially established from a series of what the dentist calls 'extractions,' though it let loose a flood of poison which has been the cause of this attack, still it is hoped that the breed is being eliminated by degrees & that I may be a whole man before the grave finally claims me for its own, in place of the palsied hobbler that I have been for months past.
In addition, MediChem's ThermoGen protein expression and biocatalysis unit was awarded two patents covering a number of its biocatalysts (United States Patents 6,218,167 and 6,218,163).
The grant will enable ThermoGen to develop a toolbox of stable amidases to expand their current technology platform, which helps the company's clients synthesize biologically active compounds efficiently, economically and in an environmentally friendly manner.
ThermoGen also received an SBIR grant earlier in the year to develop a related class of proteins; DHAP-dependent aldolases, which are carbon-carbon bond catalysts with a wide array of applications in organic synthesis, especially in the field of carbohydrate chemistry.
ThermoGen was acquired by MediChem last month (see MediChem press release dated June 1, 2000) to strengthen MediChem's core drug discovery and development technologies and services for the ultimate benefit of the Company's broad-reaching pharmaceutical and biotechnology client bases.